David Beck-Brown



by David Beck-Brown

[Art installation/exhibition (work in progress)]

I am looking for a museum to display my art installation/exhibition entitled ADOLF HITLER THE ARTIST: HISTORY ERASED.

David Beck-Brown Gallery Click Image to Enlarge
David Beck-Brown Gallery

At this time, historic artifacts are being assembled onto eight (8) custom pedestals that will be distributed within the gallery space. The pedestals are of hardwood flooring, identical to the wood flooring crafted in traditional Austrian homes. All the items in this art installation have been refurbished to appear new, or as they may have appeared during the first half of the last century.

The ideal showing space could be similar to the Old Santa Fe Train Depot in San Diego. I have had three solo art exhibitions in that space, highlights of my art career. That space now houses the downtown annex of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). With that space no longer available, an old warehouse may be a suitable alternative.

The art installation/exhibition highlights a little known aspect of history; and as such, it may well be a good teaching tool for the public.